:: SPOILER WARNING! :: (Seasons 1-4)
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Game of Thrones Dead Character Medley
a parody of the following songs:

Centuries – Fall Out Boy
Dark Hose – Katy Perry
Blank Space – Taylor Swift
Pompeii – Bastille


David Odom – Oberyn
Brizzy Voices – Catelyn Stark
Ryan Tellez – Joffrey Baratheon
Michael Adams Davis – Tywin Lannister
Brian Fisher – Ned Stark

Lasercorn – Robb Stark
Sedona – Ros
Britanni Johnson – Talisa Stark
Erin Robinson – Ygritte
Sohinki – Mance Rayder

Written by Brian Fisher and Ryan Tellez

Directed by Michael Schroeder

Music Produced by Taylor Lipari and Paul Paramo

Music Recording and Sweetening by TJ Smith

Director of Photography – Jameson Jordan

Camera Operator – Ryan Blewett

Makeup by Veronica Rodarte and Sonia Cabrera

Special Thanks to Whimsic Alley in Los Angeles

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