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Dear Ryan – Defeating a Ninja

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I wanted to be more interactive with you all! Feel free to leave you questions and if they're good,

Off The Pill – Bieber Fever

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Stop worshiping him, stop hating on him. Hes a kid for cryin out loud!Twitter:

The Snuggo

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The Snuggo doesn't just keep you warm... it'll make you HOT!Twitter:

2,000,000 subscribers!

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Thank you to all of my subscribers for being so supportive of me! I truly appreciate everything you've done

Skitzo – Valentines Day

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What is love? When you can feel your heart puffing? Happy Valentines Day everyone!Twitter:


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Want to be a dancer? Want to be apart of the BEST CREW!? Come on down to Rave's!

I broke my Nexus One!

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My phone is working again!

Off The Pill – 2009

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Looking forward to 2010! Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a Happy New year!

Skitzo – The PSA

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The big boss of Youtube asks Ryan and the others to create a PSA to help educate the viewers and

Bright Eyes – Lover I Don’t Have to Love

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An animation I made for the song by Bright Eyes in 2004. Unfortunately I don't plan on finishing it.

Skitzo – The Halloween Story

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Regina had the worst halloween ever.Twitter:

Skitzo – Introductions

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First episode of Skitzo! Leave a comment about what you think these guys/girl should be doing next! Thanks 4

Off The Pill – Nosy People

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You nosy people stay home, nobody likes you.Twitter:

Off The Pill – Farts

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"Every time you hold in a fart, you're that much closer to killing a baby!"Twitter:

Off The Pill – Stink People

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Rant on stink people remade! Leave a comment if you agree or ever been in a similar situation! :D

Hook on Fonik

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Learn how to read with Hook on Fonik!Twitter:

I’m a Chingstah

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Dedicated to all the asian wannabe gangsters out there. Seriously, stop trying...Lyrics:


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This video uploaded faster than I could think of a description.GUYZ, I GOT HECKSA HONORS!

This is video?

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Oh shiza, this is video.

Breakdance Mothafucka

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When I say weak ass, you say bitchPS: People take Internet videos too seriously.

There we go

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WTF HOW DID THIS VIDEO GET SPED UP!? I cant fix it now. Is YouTube playing a cruel joke on


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haha. am I spinning to the LEFT or to the RIGHT? WTF?!?!

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